My First Week Experience at Sorrento


Connor Krieger

I came to Italy to step out of my comfort zone, and after my first couple weeks here I don’t have any regrets. Looking back to my first week in Italy, Sant’Anna Institute has already allowed me to have many experiences of a lifetime. The cultural experiences, and professional development I have gained in just one short week has already been well worth the trip.

As soon as I got to the institute I was put right to work as a Marketing Intern for the school. One of my main goals was to gain more experience in event marketing, and in that first week I worked closely with the Sant’Anna staff and Director of the Mediterranean Studies Association for their 21stAnnual Congress. This experience was exactly what I was looking for, learning the behind the scenes of how a successful Conference with over 100 participants operated. It is knowledge that I will carry with me for the rest of my career.

Sant’Anna also gave me the chance to really experience Italy and its culture the first week by taking all of its summer students on a trip to the Island of Capri. My favorite thing I did here was hike Mt. Solaro. Me and only one other student chose to hike instead of take the chair lift to the top so we could really take in all the breath taking views that aren’t done justice by pictures. We also met some really cool locals along our journey up the 1000-foot elevation.

Looking forward, the first conference, although a great learning experience was a preparation for the much larger AAIS conference happening from June 14-17 at the Sant’Anna Institute. This conference, I will be much more involved in the preparation, as well as helping out wherever I can during the conference. As for more cultural experiences, my trip to Capri has gotten me even more excited for my trips to Pompeii, Herculaneum, and the Archeol Museum in Naples. I will really be able to experience the history of Italy on these trips thanks to the Archeology class that I am taking. Overall, my experience with Sant’Anna has been amazing and I couldn’t be happier with the people I am working with and the experiences I am gaining.


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