A Day in the Life

by Emmalee Perez, WNE student at Sant’Anna for Spring 2018


The walk to class each morning from my apartment during the summer days was always a breathtaking experience. With apartments within a 5-10 minute walk, grabbing an espresso and cornetto for breakfast before classes is made easy. Breakfast on the go as we pass the view of marina grande and Mt. Vesuvius is something we enjoyed every morning. Reaching the entrance of the institute feels surreal as the path is covered in colorful flowers and we hear the sound of the birds chirping.


A language barrier is something that is concerning to almost every student when considering to study abroad. Here in Sorrento, most locals know english or even a variety of languages. So the worry of a language barrier fades away as the locals can communicate but also help you practice your italian! Italian language courses at Sant’Anna institute allows students to make use of classroom learning and apply it to communicate in their daily life in Italy. Indulging in a new culture becomes fulfilling as we learn a new language.


Never buying another lemon thanks to our garden at Sant’Anna. Lemons, Kiwis, Oranges and more are just a grab away, We love fresh fruit!


Interning internationally allows students to expand on professional skills. Taking on leadership roles by proposing new marketing ideas and implementing such ideas is something future employers would love to hear about. The future’s looking bright; interning with an unforgettable view, what a blessing.


Beautiful view from an amazing hike to positano! During our down time we have the ability to travel europe with weekend trips or stay in southern italy and enjoy the scenery with days at the beach or days spent hiking that make you feel on top of the world!


You haven’t had the best pizza in the world until you’ve had the pizza in Italy. Roommate and I Attempting our first homemade pizza,inspired by the locals; Buon appetito!


Woodwork in sorrento! A form of art passed down from one generation to the next.


Traditional way of drying laundry in Italy. With great sunny days, why not dry your clothes outside?


Watching the sunset never gets old. The view of the sunset is Sorrento is mesmerizing as we watch the colors changing hues and the moon appears to brighten the sky again.


Our sorrento family dinner for Easter. Being homesick is something most students find they don’t experience as Friends turn into family at Sant’Anna Institute. With the end of the semester approaching life is bittersweet. We look forward to more beach days but never want to leave this paradise we have grown to call home.


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