Small city with big Dreams

By Cristina Suárez

Roma, Milano, Firenze…

These are all cities that resonate with studying abroad; the lights, the food, and the Italian charm that lives within the regions. Coming from a big city and growing up in one, I was used to watching people run errands all day. From going to school to living life in automatic mode; things were usually fast paced. Big cities have their magic and the advantage of finding any commodity within hand’s reach. Constantly beautiful, eternally charming and with new adventures to be lived; big cities present themselves with endless possibilities.


(Piazza Navona in Rome) [Photo credits: Cristy S.]

I have heard that in order to grow, you need to change.  You have to get out of your comfort zone and venture yourself into the unknown.  It can be good to try new things, different things; to explore new places and new mindsets.  Your world gets so much bigger that way and suddenly the word limit loses its power. And it is with that spirit that I chose something different or perhaps it chose me, who is to say what really happened. When I began researching cities to study abroad, I spent quite some time looking at photos/websites to find as much information as possible. I wanted this adventure to be memorable, one that I could look back at with a smile. Somehow it seemed that I couldn’t decide on where to go, as if I was waiting for a sign. Then one night browsing through the Internet, I saw the photo of a school located in front of the ocean; it was then when I knew that this was the place. The city where I wanted to live and spend months learning the secrets of la dolce vita. Maybe this is how people feel when they find the “one”: no logic, no reason, and no explanation. You just know.


(Piazza della Vittoria) [Photo credits: Cristy S]

When I looked more into where this town was (Sorrento), I realized it was a small city. Nevertheless I took a leap of faith, just to discover later on that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  This lovely town takes your breath away from the moment you set foot in it. Walking down from the Circumvesuviana (the train station), which takes you into cute little alleys to the best ocean views. You start to wonder what life might be like or if you’ll ever get bored after visiting all the attractions. The answer is no! Sorrento is the place that stays with you no matter how far you go.  A town so charming that it will leave you wanting to come back for more. More adventures, more gelato, more love, more life; well you get the idea!


(Christmas time in Piazza Tasso) [Photo credits: Cristy S]

I agree life here is different. People take their time, but I believe it is balance what you find here. It gives you a way of enjoying life while studying or getting work done. This town motivates you to do all those things you wanted to, but somehow you couldn’t find a reason to do them. It opens new doors and new opportunities while making you feel apart of a community. First you’ll visit as a friend, but you will leave as family.  Yes, Rome is Rome and the Colosseum is majestic. Florence and its Duomo will leave you speechless.  And yes, you might be tempted to head there and live the life. But smaller cities know a thing or two; maybe here you will find no set of directions giving you a reason to stay. A good friend once told me: “some of us come to Italy and never go back”.  Who knows, this could be your case. No matter what you decide, Sorrento will always welcome you with open arms.


Cristy S.


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