Residence Hall

By Cristina Suárez

Living plus studying

It’s been just a few months since we opened the dorms here at Sant’Anna and I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying living here.  I have been fortunate to wake up to the sound of the waves and a view that takes your breath away every single time. I could write you a book about my experience here, but this post is about the experiences of study abroad and Italian students. This is about what it has been for them living here in Sorrento: the facilities, the location, the Italian life and their escapades here.


(Terrace view from the school) [Photo credits: Cristy S]


Study Abroad:

For James C. (photo below) a Fall 2017 student from SUNY Oneonta his semester started with the right foot. Before arriving he knew that we would be staying in the dorms and that they were probably located near the school.  What he did not know was the fact that the dorms are conveniently located in the top floors of the Sant’Anna institute, which makes it easy to get to class on time.  His favorite place to take a break and relax is the terrace. Having the opportunity to live/study right in front of the sea, is such a unique experience that you learn to appreciate. It is the perfect combination of being independent and gaining experience, all in one place.  For his friend Frances, living with other students is a good thing, because it makes you feel that you are accompanied. The food here is fresh and delicious, so what else can someone ask for.


                                 (James hiking the Vesuvio) [Photo credits: James C. ]

When it comes to the facilities in general, they exceeded his expectations.  He found a well-equipped kitchen (big and clean), which helped him feel right at home. The dorms are spacious, clean and comfortable; they pillows have memory foam so the students can get a good night sleep. The air conditioner is definitely a plus during those hot summer nights. This town and its way of life have completely charmed him; the location is the ideal getaway to rest of Europe. For James life in Sorrento is a never-ending adventure!


(Views from the terrace, the kitchen and the dorms) [photo credits: Cristy S]

Italian Student:

                       Andrew is a middle age man from England who wanted to have a different type of holiday, one where he could learn about the country and its language. He wanted an adventure more than just going to a place and thinking, “oh wow, how beautiful this is”. It was this kind of thinking that brought him to the Sant’Anna website, where he found exactly what he was looking for. All this happened on a Thursday afternoon and by Monday morning he was flying to Sorrento to start his experience.

He mentioned that it was good to have an option of going to a place to learn something new, while vacationing at the same time. You can wake up early to watch the sun rise, go to the beach during the class break or simply take a stroll around town. The views are incredible, the weather is nice (not too hot nor too cold) and the staff is very friendly. The accommodation is ideal and very clean; you can relax or nap in a peaceful environment.  Sorrento for him is the ideal getaway to the Mediterranean. What Andrew liked the most about the facilities is that he was able to cook and have his own space in the same floor. The view of the terrace is something unique and great to have that as the first thing you see in the morning.

His overall experience was a happy one: from going to class, to meeting new people; Sorrento is for sure a hidden Italian gem. He plans to enroll in an Italian language class back in England once he returns home. He encourages everyone to try new things and get out of their comfort zone to learn and grow in different aspects.


As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, living in the residence halls has been a positive experience for the students. They have learned about balance and seeing the good in things, after all life is a learning experience. Hope you enjoyed reading about our new facilities and the experiences of some of our students, feel free to come visit or send us a message if you have any questions.

Wishing you the best,

Cristy S.


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