Views from Sant’Anna


While Sorrento as a whole is breathtaking and culturally enriched, the views from Sant’Anna Institute’s terrace go unrivaled. When you live in Sant’Anna’s new residence halls you have access to a comfortable terraces with views of the arched garden, the Marina Grande, and Mount Vesuvius.

The garden has been apart of the grounds of Sant’Anna Institute since it was a monastery. In its history the garden served as a popular praying area for the nuns that lived in the monastery. They would also gather fruits, especially the notorious Sorrento lemons, as well as fresh vegetables. When the building was reassigned as a linguistic school they kept the garden. Even today you can walk through beautifully arched pathways with hanging vines and lemons all around you. My tip to you? If you see a lemon on the ground, pick it up; scratch it- yes, scratch it- and sniff. It will without a doubt be the freshest scent you’ve had the pleasure of smelling. It is no wonder why the garden is a popular spot for eating lunch or studying. You simply cannot be stressed with strings of beautiful flowers and fruits surrounding you.

Next is the famous Marina Grande. This charming port is a popular fishing area as well as perfect for relaxation and lounging. Looking out the window or terrace from the Institute, you will see sunbathers, sail boats, and a long line of colorful restaurants and shops. The sparkling blue water gently bounces with the wake of boats leaving its harbor. Simply a five-minute walk from our beautiful building, you can enjoy the refreshing water and warm sand for yourself. Lounge chairs and umbrellas are available for those who wish to rest comfortably but be assured- a nice blanket on the sand will leave you drowsy when you awake. Imagine, a comfortable breeze and kind sunrays warming you after dipping into the crystal clear ocean. This happy place can be yours if you join us on our slice of the Amalfi.

FullSizeRender (1)

Finally, giant and historical, is Mount Vesuvius. This looming volcano may be active but it will do more than steal your attention when you see it sitting on the horizon during a legendary Sorrento sunset- it’ll steal your heart. Bold yet beautiful the formation compliments the red and orange night skies while sitting beneath some of the most Monet-like clouds. From our terraces you can watch the night swallow Vesuvius and then emerge when morning comes. The weather, clear skies, and amazing views all compliment the academic opportunities we offer at Sant’Anna Institute.


When you come to Sant’Anna you do not solely come for the scenery but man, is it a plus.


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