Located in the southwestern portion of Italy, the seaside town of Sorrento is not only beautiful but also accessible. From the town center, Piazza Tasso, filled with restaurants, shopping, and bakeries, to the sandy Marina Grande- you will not find a more picturesque town. Where the locals are friendly and the lemons are the size of your head, I have already been swooned by Sorrento. Undoubtedly a wonderful place to live, people can go anywhere they desire from Sorrento. A very popular destination from our small town is the Almafi coast. This includes local towns such as Almafi, Positano, Maiori, and Furore. All of these beautiful municipalities carry their own unique atmosphere and undertone of complete relaxation. The best part? It is close and affordable. The bus tickets range from two to six euros depending on the length of time you decide to stay and the Almafi coast itself is only a one-hour bus ride away.


Nevertheless, if you wish to travel beyond the southern realm of Italy have no fear! Sorrento has a wonderful public transport system that allows users to buy tickets for hours, even up to days, for unbeatable prices. Trains, buses, and planes are all relatively inexpensive and efficient. Rome, Venice, Florence, and even sight seeing in Pompeii are all possibilities. Rome is the perfect example of fairly easy travel from our coastal town. Just take the Circumvesuviana (or local train) for two euros to the Napoli Centrale train station. From there, a four-euro train ride from Napoli Centrale to the Roma Termini will get you to Rome in a little under three hours.


Pompeii is a very similar travel system but instead of ending at the Roma Termini you would end at Napoli Molo Beverello, about a two-hour train ride. Not a painfully long ride for the chance to visit ruins and buildings with such rich history, am I right?


However, Florence and Venice via plane is more time friendly than taking the train. For around sixty euros one can fly to Florence in as little as three hours; Venice is even cheaper at a direct flight, an hour and a half long, costing only forty- five euros. If a train is more your style, they are readily available with the normal time ranging from four hours to Florence and seven hours to Venice. Take your pick of transportation that fits your needs the best.


Sorrento furthers its charm by allowing you to experience all of Italy without any complications or unattractive price tags. Let Sorrento be your home while you experience the history both in and around it. I know I will.


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