I made it to Italy. England was amazing but I am now in my new home for the next four months and I couldn’t be more impressed by this place.  I am living in Sorrento, Italy which over looks the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. It is also the main city before the Amalfi Coast. It literally could not get more beautiful.

Sadly, my strep throat came back along with a fever the very first day I arrived so I spent the day in bed, however, my school helped me get in touch with an English speaking doctor quickly so I could get stronger antibiotics. I didn’t let it hold me back for more than one day and soon was out exploring with my roommate Lucas.

The school is a twenty minute walk down hill from our host families apartment. The twenty minute walk back up the hill is what we are hoping keeps us from gaining tons of pasta weight, which would easily happen with our host mother’s awesome cooking skills. My Italian class consists of myself and one other student as well as my Western Civilizations class. I am basically being privately tutored. My Business in the European Union class was a whopping four other students in it. Im in heaven. I should also be starting my internship next week. We have explored some of Naples as well as my personal favorite, Positano.

I am learning so much about Italian culture. For example, crossing the street consists of you making sure that the driver coming your way isn’t looking at their phone so you can just step out in front of the moving traffic. They usually slow down but not by much. It is kind of like playing frog crossing all the time. They eat many course meals here and I have no idea how they aren’t all fat. I’ve learned about Limoncello (Southern Italy’s delicious lemon liquor) and how it is made. I have also made a few Italian friends from running into them at bars all the time. They are very friendly and sometimes we just sit and talk for hours. This whole country may eventually die from lung cancer because everyone here smokes. There are so many other things but you would have to just come and see for your self.

 This is a beautiful garden behind my school. There are lemon and orange trees absolutely every where in this part of the country. 

 The sign said “do not go beyond this point” … it was worth it not to listen because we found this beautiful spot.

 That brown building with the red shutters is my school! It literally doesn’t get better than this.

 We hiked high up a hill to watch this gorgeous sunset!

 Not a bad spot to catch up on some journaling. This is Positano, Italy. This is my favorite place so far!


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