Sorrento is rooted in the holiday tradition of Christmas. In every square, there are light-up trees and figures. Each street has hanging and glowing decorations, and storefronts are covered in strands of twinkling lights. Garlands abound throughout the city. The palm trees glow and sway in the wind. Stores and street vendors alike start selling Christmas trinkets and gifts. The gigantic tree in the middle of Piazza Tasso plays a song every (decent) hour at night, with a choreographed light show to accompany it. At night on the weekends, the streets are crowded with locals and tourists alike, with clowns and giant penguins, with reindeer and Santa, with chestnuts being roasted and music playing from all corners of the city.

The general atmosphere is jovial, everyone is smiling and carefree as the holidays approach. Piazza Lauro has street food stands on the weekends, and concerts are happening almost every night. After New Year’s Day, the Teatro Tasso has free performances.


Black Friday shopping

Though Thanksgiving is an American holiday, it seems that the Black Friday deals have seeped over to the other side of the pond. Stores have 50% off for the first 50 people that come, and restaurants even have deals for the shopper on the move from store to store.


Film festival

There also is a major film festival that happens from the 28th of November to the first of December. It is called the “Giornate Professionali di Cinema” and this is the 39th year of the event. It takes place at the Hilton Sorrento Palace and the cinema. Distribution companies, press agencies, cinema merchants, production companies, technical workers and associations are all present. This way it isn’t just a showcase, but also a way for independent artists to interact with established professionals.




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