You Know You’re an American Studying Abroad When….

  • You don’t understand how big Europe is, so you travel too quickly/frequently… four hours in Rome isn’t enough time, a train ride through Germany isn’t experiencing Europe. Keep calm and smell the schnitzel.
  • You hear where someone is from and you have to secretly google it while they are talking.
  • Thinking a 2 Euro coin is a quarter and thinking everything is super cheap. Spoiler: it’s not. You just spent $3 on a piece of bread.
  • Looking like a tourist because of those knee-high white socks and a fanny pack.img_8461
  • Taking scenic photos without you in them You’re going to regret having no photos of you, plus if you google photos of the area, they are usually a thousand times better than you could even dream of taking.
  • You will hear the other Americans (or you yourself will) complain aboimg_8411ut missing local foods (In-n-Out, Perkins, 5 Guys, etc).
  • Tattoos of local things. People will either get them, or that conversion rate will make your wallet say no and put it in design purgatory.
  • You’ve become a pro at the “gazing into the distance by the ocean” stance and taking them for the others in your schoolimg_9090

I can’t judge anyone for this, I’ve got my tattoo design(s) sketched and miss pickles more than I ever thought possible. These are all from experience. I have sat in a hostel venting about how I just want a burger and fries. I have more panoramas of cities than I ever thought possible. Studying abroad though is life-changing; I always thought it was an over-exaggeration about it until I did it. I honestly didn’t know it was possible to be this happy and content with life.img_8467


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