Some of the students in Archeology: Cities of Fire went and explored Pompeii this weekend! Above, the students just finished checking the ancient sound system techniques used in the amphitheater.


The gladiator housing was interesting to students because they learned about the origins of the 2014 movie, Pompeii starring Kit Harrington and Emily Browning (and how inaccurate some scenes were).


Students enjoyed time afterwards to explore Pompeii on their own. Above, Lillian Hogle and Chelsea Gammieri stumbled across the amphitheater. Below, students Stephanie Jump and Tiffany Lopez pretend to be gladiators in the arena!


1 Students were surprised by the size of Pompeii (65 acres). They were also surprised by the amount of buildings that were free to the public to enter.

All in all, the trip was educational and eye-opening for all the students at Sant’Anna. They’re excited for the next trip to Herculaneum!


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