Summer 2016 Internship Reviews



Zach Phelps, Hotel Mediterraneo Summer 2

What a work view!

“Working with the staff at HM has been an incredible experience… I wanted to study abroad in Italy to complete my minor in Italian and in my previous trips to Italy. Once I figured out I wanted to study here… knowing I would be graduating next year I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of a lifetime to work in a foreign country and build my resume for future job opportunities.

It’s taken a little getting used to with the language barrier, but my Italian is improving slowly but surely and the employer has welcomed me to the family with open arms. Best day on the job is any day on the job.”



Bronwyn Casillan, Ristorante Tasso, ACC Faculty-Led Program

Chef in the kitchen


Most rewarding aspect of placement: “Getting to work with some whole Earth Italian chefs who were VERY patient with us and more than willing to teach us their ways and methods.”


Biggest challenges of placement: “Besides the language barrier, learning to step up and get my hands dirty, because I was nervous that I wasn’t up to their standards.”




Amanda Wilhelm, Kontatto Café, ACC Faculty-Led Program

Meeting Kontatto staff

Most rewarding aspect of placement: “Building relationships with the employees and seeing English speaking tourists look of relief when they realized I spoke English.”


Biggest challenge of placement: “Not having knowledge of the Italian language. Trying to do something other than greeting was a struggle.”



Chelsea Lanier, Sorrento Lingue, Summer 2

Making Italian friends

“Feeling the change in my students from watching what I was teaching click in their heads. The ‘lightbulb’ moment is the most amazing thing for me to observe! I love knowing that they understand me!

“The children didn’t speak to me a lot at first and when they did, they weren’t comfortable with their English. So they spoke to me in Italian. This was very hard because I don’t speak Italian.”


“Try to learn (at least some) of the language. Don’t be afraid to communicate with the local people even if you can’t speak the language. The people are AMAZING and they make the experience worthwhile. Challenge yourself! Many people and places will touch your heart. This is truly an amazing and unforgettable experience.




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