So you want to study in Sorrento?


So you’ve decided to study in Italy and think that Sorrento is the place for you? You’ve read the articles that say that Sorrento is the best place to stay near the Amalfi Coast and you think it would be a great place to study abroad.

Consider the following 10 pieces of advice when deciding if you want to study abroad in Sorrento, Italy:

  1. The Amalfi Coast is 30 minutes away. It’s just 50-km of some of the most breathtaking scenery, beaches, and hiking.julie.jpg
  2. You live in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius, right across in the Bay of Naples. If you like living across from one of the most famous volcanoes and the largest in continental Europe.9
  3. The ruins of Pompeii are a hop  on the local train away. Plus it’s not the only set of famous ruins in the area. If you’re into that sort of thing you could check out Herculaneum, Opolontis, or take the Archaeology course…IMG_1743
  4. The pizza was invented in Naples, so to say that the food is good here…IMG_0005
  5. A popular spot with students is the “baths” of Regina Giovanna. It’s pretty nice if you like secluded Roman ruins to swim in, cliff-jump, and sun bathe.
  6. There are buses from the Sorrento train station that go straight to Naples (10 euros) and Rome (19 euros) if you want to explore the cities or need a big city getaway.
  7. So many festivals, processions, activities to get involved in, and new places to explore.Experience 3
  8. Lemon everything. When life gives you lemons, make limoncello.13072918_223020664733342_1756321605268873409_o.jpg
  9. Because Southern Italy is less touristy, less populated, living costs tend to be lower than those in the central and northern cities popular for study abroad. I guess that means you could have more money for travel and other expenses?13680703_10206620108082098_2924263963173317854_n
  10. You study and intern with this view every day. Not to mention the classes that have countless field trips so you’re not even in a classroom.



So think carefully about studying abroad in Sorrento. It might jsut be the best decision you make.


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