Why Study Abroad?

A personal reflection of a student

By: Jordyn Johnson, Sant’Anna Summer 2016 Student
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

In the fall of my sophomore year, I decided to make the commitment of studying abroad. I’ve always known that I wanted to study abroad and after doing my investigations, I decided the summer before my junior year was the perfect time. People used to ask me why it was worth spending so much money and time in another country just for school. It made me question myself: Why should I study abroad? At the time, the reasons I thought it was worth it were to challenge myself, indulge myself in another culture, make friends, get some extra credits for school and work experience all at the same time. I always knew I wanted to study abroad, so it wasn’t hard to actually make the decision.


As I am writing this on my final days in Sorrento, I’ve realized there is so much more that I’ve learned and benefited from through this experience at Sant’Anna Institute and my internship. My confidence has increased significantly, I have gained the ability to adapt to different work environments, and my communication skills have improved. I may be a little bias and bold, but this was one of the best internships abroad. Especially for beginners like me! Not having any background experience in internships or marketing, this internship was a perfect fit. The view from office alone was all worthwhile. Most days I got to go to the beach right before having to work, even places like Regina Giovanna! The most rewarding part of my internship was knowing that I was helping the school to complete weekly tasks and knowing that I was making a difference even if it was small. I wrote newsletters for the school and volunteered to do a beach clean-up. This experience has been incredibly life changing and is one that I will never forget.



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