Sant’Anna & the Community

Over the course of the semester, with the help of our many interns, Sant’Anna has been able to host and participate in many Service-Learning Projects. These projects came in the form of both events and volunteer service projects. These events are an important part of student life at Sant’Anna because we love having the opportunity to incorporate our amazing students into the colorful local community! From music competitions to turtle rescues, and secondhand clothing sales to language lessons, we have participated in so many exciting events this semester, it’s tough to talk about all of them! So, here are a just a few of the Service-Learning projects that Sant’Anna students were able to be a part of this spring:

Battle of the Bands

The Sant’Anna interns, along with two local high schools, created this event to connect local students with international ones. Music and competition fueled our fun-filled evening, and the crowds were more enthusiastic than we ever imagined! The talent was unbelievable, and we were even able to raise some money that was donated to a local scholarship fund! To top off the night, one of Sant’Anna’s very own students was awarded third place in the battle! Bravissima!


Some of our students cheering on their fellow classmate!

Piazza Sale

In what has become an annual event, Sant’Anna partnered with a local organization, Le Amiche del Museo Correale, to host a secondhand clothing sale right here in Sorrento! The money that we raised from the sale went towards the restoration of a painting. We love this event because we get to raise money for a great cause and practice sustainability with the repurposing of secondhand clothes! Plus, our students love the fact that they get to volunteer and shop at the same time!

Student volunteers at the Piazza Sale.

English Conversation Lessons 

This event is a favorite among both students and locals alike. Organized by our Education interns, the English Conversation lessons give Sant’Anna students a chance to practice their Italian with locals, while locals get the chance to practice their English with our students! It’s a win-win for everyone. This exchange of knowledge allows our students to become more involved in the community, and they also get make some new friends in the process!

Our first English Conversation Lesson of the semester!

At Sant’Anna, we are lucky to be able to offer more than simply an academic experience for our students. With the help of things such as these Service-Learning Projects, our students have the opportunity to become truly involved in the community around them. As we move forward, we hope to be able to continue offering an engaging and immersive atmosphere for our students both in and beyond the classroom!


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