Excerpts from an Internship Abroad

in Marine Biology and Conservation At Punta Campanella

by Katie Hibbard

A Change in Plans” – 12 February 2016

Thursday morning was rainy and cold, but never the less a perfect day to begin my internship work with Meme at Punta Campanella. Upon arriving, I was fortunate to meet the impressive characters that form(sic) the Punta Campanella crew. 

punta campanella
Punta Campanella HQ

While sharing an espresso(sic) with Meme and going over our big plans for the day, he received a phone call. He took a long breath as he put down the phone with a curious and joyful smile on his face said(sic), “a sea turtle was captured in the fishing nets in Porto di Salerno and we need to rescue it!” My eyes got big and round with excitement! I couldn’t help but think to myself, “mama mia did I end up with the coolest internship or what?”


A turtle is comfortable and can survive on land with its shell, therefore it is an easier rescue… Meme explained that after making 130 rescues by himself, it would be nice if Punta Campanella had their own rescue station… All the fisherman know to call him when they have one in danger and he believes that if he stops this process and relationship with them then the calls (would) lessen(sic) and even stop coming (in for rescues).

Another turtle saved!

Jacques Cousteau” – 9 February 2016

In the thought of keeping an extraordinary environment simply the same, my time here in Italy is very similar. Welcoming me with kisses, food, and cheer, the Italians are some of the most warm people I have ever met(sic), therefore leaving the pacific ocean and jumping into a whole new world has gone smoothly.


While in Italy I feel it is right to live and flow in the wakes and motions of the beautiful culture already grounded; drink hot tea with sweet toast in the morning, take a siesta and enjoy a drink in the afternoon, embrace a slow meal with many flavors, family, and friends into the late evening.


Heritage Interpretation” – 1 March 2016

So far, the weather has been a little too chilly to swim in The Mediterranean each day, although when it warms up I am very excited to get in with the amazing water and sea creatures. Sadly, the diesel and gas loss on the streets will slowly find its way into the water not being very healthy for the marine life on the peninsula. Sorrento is home to many different sea creatures many of which the locals eat, save, and cook up for their families. The health of the sea animals is very important because not only are we draining chemicals into their home but we can also end up eating these ourselves if the fish are not healthy and full of nutrients.

Beach Clean Up”– 18 April 2016

[We] had a big day ahead of us; meeting several other students… to catch a bus to Crappola(sic) where we were to hike an hour down into the beach, clean it, take a swim and a lunch break, and then end it with a hike out…


After we spent some time interacting with the cattle, breathing in the fresh mountain/coastal air, embracing flowers and different plants, and enjoying one another’s(sic) presence, Mimi and I got to enlighten everyone about our work at Punta Campanella together. I let everyone know that I am currently doing Heritage Interpreting of a protected area here on the peninsula, known as Ieranto. So far my focus has been on studying the archeology, history, and overall feelings through researching the history and interviewing different key people in The Baia of Ieranto.

A beautiful place to describe heritage conservation


I hope to soon be able to communicate to visitors, friends, and family the importance and “magical-feel”of Ieranto Baia on a educational, natural, recreational, and personal level.

group hike
The Beach Clean Up Group

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