Teaching in Sorrento: Part 2

A couple of weeks ago we were able to share an international professor’s opinion on living and working in Sorrento. We are happy to bring you another perspective from a member of our international teaching staff! Beyond simply becoming a part of Italian life in Sorrento, our professors also get the exciting opportunity to watch their students grow and learn in a foreign environment. It’s a rewarding process for professors to see their students adapt to a new way of life and thrive in an unfamiliar culture.

Here’s what another one of our current international professors thinks of the opportunities that her students have through their study abroad experiences:



“This experience gives our students a foundation in cultural awareness and helps prepare them to participate in a global economy. They broaden their horizons, realize their potential and have an appreciation for other cultures as well as their own. We are truly an international living, learning community. The students work together very closely. They become problem solvers – using all resources available to them. For example: joint evening meal – (manage budget, plan meal, shop (communicate in Italian), prepare, cleanup), they travel – all over Europe and study together, etc. Our students have expressed that they feel a part of the Sorrento community. Sorrento is beautiful, hospitable, safe, a warm and welcoming community. They arrive as visitors and leave feeling a part of the community…I feel privileged to have worked with these young adults; it’s an honor to share this awesome experience with them. I feel passionate about helping students benefit from this opportunity. This is a wonderful experience that prepares our students to become global citizens and participate in a global economy.”

—Professor Dianne Tuzzolino, Alfred State College Business Department

Alfred State Business Students Spring 2016. Photo courtesy of: Studio Business Sorrento


No matter what students (and professors!) do during their time in Sorrento, there’s always an opportunity to learn! Our professors not only get to have this educational experience themselves, but have the chance to see their students grow educationally and culturally. Teaching abroad in Sorrento then becomes both educational and rewarding— what’s not to love?


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