Employer Benefits

We have already mentioned the many ways in which a student can have rewarding experiences from an internship abroad, but what about the employers? By having Sant’Anna students as interns, the employers at local businesses can also benefit! Our international student interns can positively impact the companies they work for over the course of their internship in various ways. They bring fresh perspectives, have an excitement to learn, and provide a platform to spread the word about the companies they are employed by.

With every new addition to a company, there comes a new set of ideas and outlooks. However, when these new additions come from someone that is from a completely different culture, their input becomes even more valuable! Sometimes, we can be restrained by our own culture and unable to see past it in certain ways. Though there isn’t anything wrong with living and working in the culture that you grew up in, working with a person who can bring a fresh perspective to your business from a cultural standpoint can provide new opportunities! An international student intern has the ability to see a local business from an outsider’s point of view, which is often a quality that can help bring about positive changes within a company!

Student intern Knakita Harris with fellow employees at Restaurant Tasso and internship coordinator Emily Hammeren

As an employer, one of the best parts of having a student intern is simply the fact that they’re students. This means that they are working for a company specifically to learn about it and understand how it works. Student interns aren’t uninterested employees who are just working to get a paycheck. Instead, they are passionate workers that are not only interested in understanding a company, but also excited about learning new skills within that company. Nothing’s better than teaching someone who’s excited to learn!

Student intern Alyssa Jooyeon Cho with coworkers at Tempio Travel

There are few people that are better at spreading information than college students are. Students are in constant contact with one another and the greater community via social media and word of mouth. Because of this continuous contact, employers can be sure that their companies will reach new audiences. Student interns are sure to talk about their experiences with their roommates, friends, and fellow students, causing more people to become interested in the companies that they work for. Sant’Anna also encourages collaboration between student interns, and loves to see interns from different companies work together to get other students involved in the work of their employers’ companies! In these ways, student interns not only broaden the audience of company, but also get more people interested in them, as well!

Student intern Katie Hibbard leading fellow students on a hike and educating them about Punta Campanella’s mission

A partnership between Sant’Anna student interns and local employers is a win-win situation. The student is able to gain work experience in field that interests them and gain an understanding of the Italian business culture. An employer gains the unique perspective of a cultural outsider, an employee that is eager to learn, and an opportunity to spread their company’s message to new audiences. Student internships provide benefits for both student and employer, while also creating rewarding opportunities for everyone!


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