Teaching in Sorrento

Did you know that there are American, British, and other international professors that teach at Sant’Anna? Each semester there are a handful of professors who, like their students, choose Sorrento as their Italian home. However, instead of studying abroad, they’re teaching abroad!

Teaching as an international professor at Sant’Anna gives professors the opportunity to have a study abroad experience in their adult life. By working and living in a new culture, they can end up learning a lot about themselves and their profession just from seeing it from a new perspective. Professors end up becoming students themselves in this way— students of Italy!

Photo courtesy of: Kendal Lariviere

Here’s what one of our current international professors think of life in Sorrento so far:

“It has been terrific to share this experience with my students. They are full of energy and curiosity, and they are adventurers, one and all. Like them, this is my first time in Sorrento (and in Italy) so I love that we are discovering it together. And, as if that weren’t enough, I was able to bring my teenaged-daughter, Maya, with me for most of the semester. I’m especially pleased that most of my students are taking my travel-writing course which is an excellent forum to process what we’re experiencing. When I look back on this time of our lives, I’ll have my own blogs, journals, pictures, and social media to help me recall it, but I’ll also have access to their blogs, social media, etc. to enhance those memories. I’m so grateful to have had this privilege!”

—Professor Scott Coykendall, Plymouth State University Communications Department

Photo courtesy of: Scott Coykendall


Our international professors are able to develop unique relationships with their students because of their shared experiences in Sorrento. Being abroad allows students and professors to go beyond the traditional limitations of academia, and become explorers of Italy together! There are opportunities to craft curriculums in Sorrento that wouldn’t be possible anywhere else. Teaching abroad in Italy is the perfect opportunity for professors to offer one-of-a-kind courses and expand their own international knowledge at the same time! Sounds like a dream come true!


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