Why Sorrento?

There are so many places you can study abroad. In addition to the many countries that you can choose from, there are also thousands of cities within those countries that are options! So, once you’ve decided on Italy, how do you decide which city is going to be right for you?

With so many fantastic regions to consider, this can be a tough decision! You could study in Rome, or Milan, or even Florence! With so many different options, it’s important that you find a place to study abroad that will be the right fit for you. While Rome, Milan, and Florence are all beautiful cities with something unique to offer, a lesser-known destination like Sorrento may turn out to be your perfect study abroad home. How will you know if Sorrento is right for you?

Here are the top three reasons you might choose Sorrento over other Italian cities:

Photo courtesy of: Kendal Lariviere

Small Town Feel

If the idea of living in a big city doesn’t really appeal to you, Sorrento could be the place for you! Sorrento is a smaller-sized city, but not so small that you feel like you’re living in a tiny village. After a few of weeks in the city, you get a good handle on not only the layout of the town itself, but also the people in it. You quickly become familiar with the locals, and they will get to know you, too! It’s always nice to be welcomed by a close-knit community. Sorrento is the perfect size because you get this small-town feel, and also meet new people every day. It’s small enough where there are times when you’ll feel like you know almost everyone, but big enough for you to always have the opportunity to discover new places and people.

Photo courtesy of: Stephanie Mele

Ideal Location

Sorrento is located at the very beginning of the picturesque Amalfi Coast. It’s just over an hour from Naples and a short boat ride from the islands of Capri and Ischia. There are places to hike that give you breathtaking views of the Italian coast, such as along the Path of the Gods, and natural hot springs to relax in on Ischia. If retail therapy is your thing, there are hundreds of places in Naples where you can update your wardrobe! There are many places in Italy are easily accessible from Sorrento, but if you’d rather stay put, you can take a quick walk to the Bagni della Regina Giovanna for some sightseeing or indulge in a gelato on Corso Italia. You’ll find that Sorrento always has something new to offer!

Photo courtesy of: Katrina Syrakos


Authentic Traditions

Sorrento and the surrounding areas of Southern Italy are less touched by international influences than some of the larger Italian cities, simply because they are less visited by tourists. This means that the local traditions of the Italian culture are more well-preserved here. Not that larger cities don’t retain such traditions, but with less international influence, you’ll find more authentic aspects of Italian culture reflected in Southern Italy, in things such as food. You won’t find an abundance of sushi restaurants or burger joints in Sorrento, but you’ll have plenty of authentic Italian restaurants to choose from! If you’re looking to learn about Italian culture and traditions, Southern Italy can provide a uniquely preserved perspective for you!

Italy is a beautiful country, no matter where you choose to go to. Each region and city has its own special qualities that make it an individual, and you should definitely try to visit as many parts of Italy as possible while you’re here! However, when you’re trying to decide what part of Italy to call your home for a semester, consider what kind of environment suits you the best. If you’re looking for a bustling, culturally diverse place, you might choose one of the larger cities. If you’re looking for a welcoming community that has a small town atmosphere, a location ideal for exploring, and a traditional culture, then Sorrento could be the place for you! Take some time to check it out, and you may just discover your new home!


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