Italian Interns: Studying & Working in Sorrento

As you plan a semester in Sorrento, probably the last thing that is on your mind is working. You’re going to be spending all your time exploring your new home, traveling around Europe, and, yes, also going to class. However, an internship in Sorrento offers the unique opportunity to get acquainted with the international culture of business, while also giving you experience in a field related to your major! Sorrento is in a diverse area of Italy, allowing Sant’Anna to provide students with exciting internship opportunities that you can’t get anywhere else!

From education to photography, to fitness training and sports management, there are endless options for students looking to take their study abroad experience to the next level with Sant’Anna. Here are what some of this semester’s interns think of their experiences so far:

Internships- Students 1

Internships- Students 2
Photos of the English students’ projects. Courtesy of: Athena Stavropoulos

“I’m an Elementary Education major so I am participating in the education internship here at Sant’Anna. As a part of the internship, I get to observe English classes at many different places [around Sorrento] from an elementary school to travel agencies to hotels. I love the variety and engaging with students at different levels. I also love that this gives me the opportunity to foster relationships with local Italians, as well as learn teaching strategies that I can integrate into my future classroom.”

—Athena Stavropoulos



Internships- Students 3
Ulysse Gym interns Hunter Hawanczak & Tayler Cates. Courtesy of: Hunter Hawanczak




“It’s a great atmosphere
[working at the gym]. Everyone is very friendly and close with each other. The co-workers are great and very helpful. Most [of them] understand English and try to help me with saying the exercises they do in Italian. I think this will help in the future because it’s an abroad internship, making it tough because of the language barrier, but when I get past it, I know I’ll be more helpful to them. An abroad internship will look better than any internship back in the states, too.”

—Hunter Hawanczak





“I love being able to have an internship abroad. I am very grateful. It is an awesome experience and a great way to learn new things, especially for future career positions. I am the Communications-Marketing intern for Raffaele Celentano at the Choistro di San Francesco, it is a beautiful gallery with a lovely view. So far I have been doing things such as updating social media pages, creating fliers, and thinking about events to plan for the gallery. I am excited for what the future holds!”

—Stephanie Spinelli

Internships- Students 4
Courtesy of: Stephanie Spinelli


“Being the Civic Engagement intern at Sant’Anna allows me to interact with the community and my peers, while also giving me experience in the international business community. I get the opportunity to plan student events with my fellow interns, and those often become memorable adventures. We planned a hike on the Path of the Gods, and it had some of the most beautiful views of the Almalfi Coast. Being able to have such unique experiences as a part of my internship is something I can only get in Sorrento”

—Katrina Syrakos

Internships- Students 5
Sant’Anna Civic Engagement interns Stephanie Mele & Katrina Syrakos. Courtesy of: Katrina Syrakos


“I didn’t realize how unique and hands-on my internship at Punta Campanella would be until my first day [as I was] sitting with my advisor, Mimi, we abruptly received a call from a local Salerno fisherman! Having to stop everything we were doing, we headed on our first adventure to go save a sea turtle! Thereafter, Mimi and I have focused on heroes like Jacque Cousteau and interpreting the heritage of the peninsula we live on. In the future, we plan to open a safe place to bring the sea turtles that have been hurt from the [fishing] nets. We also plan to go on many excursions in the mare! I just hope that I can help Mimi and Punta Campanella as much as I can while I am here in Italy, for as they say, ‘I tesori in fondo al mare!’ ”

–Katie Hibbard


No matter what you’re studying, Sant’Anna can help you find an internship to that fits your interests! Go beyond being just a student, become a part of the Italian business culture, too! You’ll become more involved with the community and gain unparalleled professional experiences that you can take with you into your future career— no matter where that may be!


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