(Study) Abroad

When you go abroad, academic courses are probably the last thing on your mind. With all the traveling and excitement that comes with temporarily moving to a foreign country, it’s easy to forget that you are studying abroad. Let’s be honest, studying is not going to be the most exciting part of your trip. However, the academic courses at Sant’Anna are not only unique and engaging, they also make the studying part of studying abroad actually enjoyable!

Sant’Anna offers various levels of Italian classes, with its largest being the beginner’s level, Italian 101. The Italian professors are very clear in their instruction and go out of their way to create a successful learning environment in the classroom. No matter what level of Italian you take while you’re here, the professors will use a variety of games, role play, and other instructional tools to ensure that students are able to understand and use the Italian language in their daily lives.

Photo courtesy of: Olivia Thompson

In the elective courses, the material alone sparks a greater curiosity in students to explore Italy. From Contemporary Italian Literature, to History of the Mafia or Archaeology, there is sure to be a class that interests you enough to make you want to know more about the country you’ll be living in. Many of these electives also have field trips included in the course, so that you can see the country for yourself through hands-on learning.

Each year in the Archaeology class, students make a trip to the ruins of Pompeii to examine the two-thousand year old city for themselves. Instead of just watching a presentation about Vesuvius and the destruction of an entire community, the Archaeology professor leads the class on a tour of the ruins, pointing out landmarks and explaining the significance of each of the buildings. Where else can you get a personalized guided tour of a world-famous exhibit during one of your academic courses?

Photo courtesy of: Katrina Syrakos

And a couple of weeks ago, the students in the History of the Mafia, International Tourism, and Environmental Law classes went on a joint field trip to an olive oil grove and production factory. For the Tourism students, it was an opportunity to see a popular tourist attraction in Southern Italy firsthand. The Environmental Law students learned about how changes in the environment can affect the local olive oil businesses during the visit, and the History of the Mafia students were able to see the authentic production of a product that the mafia often counterfeits. During the tour, all the students watched a batch of olives get made into oil and then had a tasting lunch that featured the olive oil, as well as local bread, cheeses, meats, and wine. Plus, there was an incredible view of the bay of Naples from the olive grove. It definitely doesn’t sound like the worst way to cover course material…


No matter what classes you end up choosing at Sant’Anna, one thing is for certain: they all will make academics an exciting part of your semester abroad!



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