The Sorrento Experience

How do you choose a place to study abroad? With increasingly comprehensive Global Education programs, universities have made it easy to go almost anywhere in the world. You want to make sure you pick a place that’s going to be interesting, engaging, and, of course, fun! It’s all the stress of the college selection process, all over again!

So, how do you choose where you’re going spend your life-changing semester abroad? Ask the people who have experienced the places firsthand: other study abroad students!

From discovering a favorite spot to take in your new home…

Experience 1




“This photo was taken fifteen minutes before sundown…Exploring the city is like a child walking for the first time. I can’t wait, till one day I can call myself an expert of the city.”

McCabe Hemmers





To celebrating a birthday in a place you never imagined you would…

Experience 2

“I never expected to be surrounded by such amazing people, being in a beautiful place I could have only dreamed of going to! It’s these blessings and unforgettable moments in life that make it all worth it!”

—Sofia Romaña

And discovering the traditions of the local holidays…

Experience 3




“There were people filling the streets dressed in masks and costumes. Children were throwing confetti everywhere and spraying everything and everyone with silly string. The pasticcerias were packed with families buying desserts for their celebrations…Viva Carnevale!”

Kendal Lariviere




And finally, to falling in love with your new home at every turn…

“Exploring the New Casa”

Stephanie Mele

No matter where you choose to study abroad, you’re sure to have experiences that will last a life time. When you study abroad in Sorrento, those experiences become life-changing. Where else will you have the opportunity to wake up to breathtaking views, understand the excitement of Italian culture, and become a part of a larger community with the welcoming locals?

You can’t go wrong with Sorrento!


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