Sant’Anna to Regina Giovanna

There is really no way to describe it. If I could sum it up in one feeling it would be, surreal. That is the word I use to describe to friends, my time in my newly discovered paradise. That word best describes my state of mind after laying eyes on Regina Giovanna after my brief afternoon walk to its Roman ruins. On my second day of class I took a stroll there. It was a 30-minute walk from Sant’Anna to Regina, the oasis that my advisor severely understated as a “cool place to chill!” I could talk all day about its exquisiteness but this video of my afternoon there will do a much better job of introducing you to the Baths of Queen Giovanna. Although, my video does a decent job of putting you in my shoes, it is no substitute to the unperceivable experience of swimming in its majestic waters.

George Dibo, Akron University, Fall 2015 at Sant’Anna Institute


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