Sorrento: A Small Town Filled With Lots of Culture

When you first think of Sorrento there are a few things that may come immediately to mind. These would probably be some combination of: lemons, limoncello, beaches, beautiful vistas, Vesuvius and sfogliatella. You wouldn’t be wrong either. These are all staples of Sorrento cultural life, but there is much more in Sorrento than you might think. A part of my experience that I’ve loved, that I didn’t know about Sorrento before I came, has been the wonderful museums and art exhibits in the area.

After class one day while wandering around with my friend, Bianca, we happened upon a contemporary art museum that had an exhibit called See Feel, which had pieces from the 19th century to the present that represented the variety of feelings and ideas that can be seen through two centuries of art.



Another day, I saw a sign for a photo exhibit on the way to work and decided to pop in. The exhibit was called “Memories in the Wind” and it was all photos of Sorrento and the surrounding area. It was incredible. It really captured life in Sorrento. My favorite part was out on the terrace of the exhibit were clothing lines with pictures printed on fabric mixed with clothing and scraps of paper with quotes. It all moved in the wind and was one of the more beautiful things I’d seen.



On the train home from Pompeii the week before I’d seen an advertisement for something called the Social World Film Festival a few towns over from Sorrento and decided to check it out. My friend Karen and I took the train to Vico Equense and walked to the main Piazza to see a film. It was all outdoors and it was beautiful. The film was an older one and was all in black in white. It was a challenge to understand the movie, but it was still fun!

IMG_7966 IMG_7980

These are just a few of the cool cultural things I did last week. There are lots more festivals, galleries and museums. Sorrento is filled with cultural opportunities!

-Rebecca L. Fisher


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