A Day In Pompeii

This past week was the group field trip to Pompeii. We got up bright and early on a beautiful Wednesday morning and all met up at the Sorrento train station to take a train to Pompeii. The train station was sleepy and quiet at that time in the morning, but our group was buzzing with excitement to get to Pompeii and see the famous ruins.


Once we were there, we met with the Sant’Anna archeology professor who would be our guide around the ruins. We toured the incredible ancient city and learned all about Pompeii. We learned all about the daily life of the Pompeians, the role Vesuvius had played in preserving the city and even a little about the excavation and archeology.


It was a hot day, but the ruins were amazing. We learned so much about this ancient city and their lifestyle and how it was different from our own, but also how it had a lasting impact on our world and on how things are still done today. For example, the width of carriages was standardized so that speed bumps could be installed with spaces where the wheels of a carriage could go through. That width is still the width today of trains and train tracks!


Pompeii is left just as it was on the day of the eruption. A moment in history is truly captured. You can imagine the Pompeiians going through their daily routine even now walking through the city. It can be eerie at times, especially the part of the city where the plaster bodies are shown in the positions that the people died in, but the history is still incredible and awe inspiring.


The day was filled with seeing spectacular sights, learning of amazing history and spending time with friends. Sant’Anna, WHERE ELSE?


Here is a group picture of us in front of the amphitheater!

-Rebecca Laureanna Fisher


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