Andrew Siess: Youngest Man to Circle the Globe on Foot

Sant’Anna Institute Guest Speaker Series presents: Andrew Siess: Youngest Man to Circle the Globe on Foot

Before his record-breaking walk around the circumference of the Earth, Andrew first (at the age of 19) biked from his home in Minnesota (northern U.S.) to the tip of South America. After that, he also canoed down the Mississippi River. Then he embarked on the journey of a lifetime, and Sant’Anna Institute invited him to share his incredible story. IMG_0541


– Lasted 1,020 days

– Crossed 24 countries (check out path on website

– Started sailing from Virginia, United States but his boat hit a whale. His crew was rescued by cargo ship.

– Bought clothes and backpack and started walking

– The start of the walk was frustrating as he walked from from Sorrento to Napoli all day and he could look back and see where he had left from.

– Averaged 33 miles per day. Mostly 62 miles per day.

– Ended in Sorrento, just before his 25th birthday


– Overall budget of $4000, of which less than $100 spent on accommodations. Mainly tented, used sites like, and relied on friends he met on the road to help him out.

– Taught tennis and English to earn money; also played the violin in  the streets and in restaurants.

-In Croatia he passed out in a grocery store due to dehydration… with limited funds he was concerned about the cost of the ambulance but was thankful for free healthcare.



  • Described Kazakhstan as having one road. Was on the news there and people who drove by would frequently help him out, even got to be a guest of honor in a wedding of people he didn’t know.
  • In china had a conversation and 2 hour lunch with a man using only google translate.
  • Would often think of friends and family, but mostly the next place he was either scheduled to stay or where he was meeting up with someone he knew- This motivated him while walking alone.
  • Last month was the most fun because it was like a reunion with all the friends he had made from the whole trip since they kept in contact. In the last month he traveled the remaining portion of the trip with 8-12 friends, hanging out, walking together, and having a good time.

Andrew’s biggest fear along the trip was not finishing; however, he with great determination (and the kindness of many people along the way), he succeeded in finishing what he started. Now there is a movie in the making and also the potential for a book. Andrew says, “Airplanes now feel like time travel.”



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