Make the right choice, choose to study in Sorrento!

Today we interview Shannon Devaney, Fall 2014 student from Fitchburg State University, that tells us about her study abroad experience in Sorrento. Thank you for sharing this with us, Shannon! We miss you!


1. The first question is the most direct one: Why study abroad?

I studied abroad because I wanted to see another part of the world and gain independence. When I first went off to college in 2012, I went 18 hours from home then transferred to a university only two hours away. I’m from a small town and always had an itch to travel. By living on my own in a European country for 4 months I was able to see the most beautiful part of the world (in my opinion) and live a life in which I was the most independent I’ve ever been. It changed my whole life and me as a person; I wish I could go back and have the same experience again because of the benefits and opportunities it has given me, including some great things I have now added to my resume.10177400_10204928010383026_5145346622290734386_n

2. Pros and Cons….: Why Sorrento?

Sorrento is beautiful. It is safe, the locals and small business owners are kind and instantly made me feel at home in a city where I didn’t speak the language. However, it is highly congested in the summer and early fall months with tourists. Also, most things close in early fall for the season and do not reopen until the spring. While this can sometimes be frustrating, it forces you to get creative with how you spend your time and to be honest, some of my best memories of the semester happened after popular places had closed for the season and the tourists were gone.10734225_10205219043698677_4987128340461742276_n

3. Your story: Benefits of studying abroad

The benefits of studying abroad are endless. Studying abroad teaches open-mindedness; adventure, patience, self-reliance and many other things that I’m sure differ depending on where and when you study.10849961_10205485391957217_3498814732002315215_n


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