“I felt a sense of home while I was around the Sorrento people”

Bianca Lenski, from Colorado State University and student at Sant’Anna during the Summer I 2014, interviewed about her stay in Sorrento. Thank you for sharing with us your experience!


1) If you could have brought one part of Italian culture back to the States, what would it have been and why?

I would bring back the island of Capri. Capri was hands down the most beautiful part of my time in Italy. I took a boat ride around the island and was in awe of the turquoise blue waters, unique boats, and yacht lifestyle.


2) How was life living by the sea different from life in your hometown?

Life by the sea was different because everyday was beautiful. You could go hike down to Capo di Sorrento, or you could lay at Marina Grande all day, and the day was just as beautiful. The sea in Sorrento is different than the sea in other beach towns. With the city built up on the cliffs, the colorful boats, and the trattorias lining the water- the sea of Sorrento was genuinely unique.

3) Which three adjectives would you say best summarize your study abroad experience in Sorrento?

Undaunted, life-changing, and spontaneous.

4) What was the most unexpected treasure of Sorrento that you discovered by living here?

The people. I have gone into detail about how beautiful the beaches are, but the people are the most beautiful part of Sorrento. In my six weeks in Sorrento, I never met an unwelcoming person in Sorrento. Every gelato shop owner, fruit stand owner, and local Italian walking on the streets mustered all the kindness they had and gave it away. The people of Sorrento are what made my trip so amazing. I had multiple “Italian families” by the time I left, and felt a sense of home while I was around the Sorrento people. As I rode the bus to the Naples airport to return home to Colorado, I had tears of joy and gratitude streaming down my face because of the amazing hospitality that I had received in Sorrento



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