“I was able to use what I have learned and actually apply it to a real business”

Justin Tangen, student at Upper Iowa University, is enrolled to Sant’Anna Institute Summer II program. He is interning at “Palazzo Marziale Boutique Hotel” ( http://www.palazzomarziale.com/ ) and we have interviewed him today! Thanks for sharing with us your experience!


  1. If you could have brought one part of Italian culture back to the States, what would it have been and why?
    I would take the passion of the Italian people with me.  Just hearing the passion in the voices when speaking is a very wonderful thing to hear.  There is an attitude when certain words are pronounced.
  2. How was life living by the sea different from life in your hometown?
    Life by the sea is different than where I am from.  There is no sea but we do have rivers for outdoor activities but life by the sea is so calming and relaxing.  The breeze coming off the sea, the sound of the waves,  and the sand between your toes does wonders to bring you to a relaxing state of mind.
  3.  Which three adjectives would you say best summarize your study abroad experience in Sorrento?
    Adjectives that I would use to describe my time in Sorrento are Beautiful, calming, and happy.
  4. What was the most unexpected treasure of Sorrento that you discovered by living here?
    An unexpected treasure that I discovered here is the Vallone Dei Mulini.
  5. Did you ever experience a real-life example of something that you had studied in a class (for example, recognizing an Italian phrase on the streets that you learned in Italian class or seeing ancient ruins that you learned about in Archeology)? If so, what was it and how did it make you feel to experience it firsthand?
    Since I am here for an internship, I was able to use what I have learned studying my degrees and actually apply it to a real business. Growing up and hearing about Rome, Pompeii, and Capri, I was able to visit all three places. To be able to see the Coliseum, the Pantheon in Rome took me back in time.

DSC_1752 (2)


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