Hiking the “Sentiero degli Dei”: the most beautiful hike of my life

The adventuring group reunites for another AWESOME day! Kelsey, Bianca, and I took the SITA bus to Amalfi and then another SITA bus up to Agerola for a hike! If only it was that easy… THe bus was absolutely packed, and we did not get to sit together. We decided that I should sit in the front so I would be able to ask the bus drive where we were supposed to get off because the Internet was not totally clear. As soon as I sat down, the bus drive got into an argument with another man and then shut the bus door on someone trying to get on the bus. He was a bit scary. So instead, I just asked the father of the family sitting around me if he knew anything about Sentiero degli dei. He and his wife tried to help me, but they really did not know much about it. Plus, they eventually realized that my knowledge of the Italian language was very limited and our conversation eventually died. When the bus reached Positano (about halfway to Amalfi) I hear, “SARAH, WE NEED TO GET OFF THE BUS” coming from the back where Bianca and Kelsey were sitting. I got off at the next stop and found them both extremely motion sick from the curvy road and high density of people aboard the bus. We stepped inside a bakery/bar/restaurant and they were able to eat some food and calm their nauseous stomachs. I cannot sympathize with how they felt… I have never been carsick and I am now realizing that I am very lucky to not have that problem. We boarded the next bus that stopped by and continued on our way to Amalfi. Turns out the busses end their route in Amalfi, so we got off amidst a hoard of other tourists. We took a few pictures and then found help. 10411403_714159935309464_5908363432801732660_n

We entered a tourist office to ask where to go from there. She told us about another bus that went from Amalfi to Agerola that was leaving soon. We hurried back to the bus area, asked for some more help, and ran aboard the bus seconds before it shut its doors to leave. The bus ride was another windy one, straight up one of the mountains of the Amalfi coast. Again, we did not know where to get off. But with the help of a friendly Canadian couple who had completed the hike that morning, we found the place. They showed us where to get off and walked us to the trailhead. THe temperature was much cooler, and there was a lot of cloud coverage overhead (except for sometimes we were in the middle of the clouds because of the elevation). We stopped in a restroom at a restaurant where there was an outdoor deck with a bunch of old men playing cards and yelling at each other in Italian over small tables. It was a very Italian scene. And so we began the hike. Here are a few highlights:
  • I decided to be a hardcore tourist… I wore a fanny pack all day.
  • Bianca slipped and fell on a rock, and I got to watch it all happen from behind.
  • We found a waterfall and explored ruins.
  • I had the biggest snot rocket of my life thanks to my allergies/not bringing a pack of tissues.
  • I don’t think that I will ever complete a more beautiful hike.

We finished the entire hike in 10370983_714159895309468_7188502948976908998_nabout two and a half hours. Upon reaching Nocelle, there was a stand with fresh squeezed orange juice. We all bought some. THere was another couple at the orange stand from San Diego! AFter drinking our wonderfully refreshing orange juice we headed down the 1,000 steps to Positano. Once we hit the main road, we walked a while until we found the bus stop for the SITA back to Sorrento. When the bus finally came, it was too full, and we were not able to board We waited 30 minutes for the next bus. I was worried because I was trying to make it back in time for Donatella’s dance exhibition that night!

Eventually, I made it back home. But it was just in time to walk through the door to hear, “Sarah! You made it! Eat quick and then we will leave”. I consumed eggplant parmesan at the speed of light and then changed into a dress in about 3 minutes. I was still freshly covered in sweat and dirt. We hopped in the family car and headed to Colline di Sorrento for the show! We arrived around 8:30 so that the father could take pictures of the dancers (he is a photographer). The show lasted until about 11:15. Dona is an amazing dancer, and I enjoyed the show very much. I wish I had recorded at least one of her dances. After the show, the family dropped me off at my friend’s apartment. We had all decided to go out to watch Italy vs. England in the World Cup at midnight at the English Inn! This was a good choice because we were in Italy watching the game at an English bar. So both teams were represented there in excess. When any team would score, the whole place would go crazy. It was absolutely packed. There were vuvuzelas, flags, and just way too many people. At the end of the game, when Italy won, fireworks started above the English Inn (it is an outdoor establishment), and the streets were FULL of people. There was screaming, dancing, and chanting, and cars could not pass through because of the crowd of people. There were full-sized Italian flags draped over cars and people without shirts. The atmosphere was just too much fun! Sorrento was awake until the sun started to rise.  10416591_714159581976166_1785301220963285986_n 10426601_714295131962611_1479547858355222603_n 10453364_714159615309496_6524614753534054087_n 10463005_714295148629276_6704853583396210249_n

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