A wonderful experience that I am already missing!

Ciao! Mi chiamo Huilin Chen. I am a Chinese student at Delaware University (DE) who studied Italian language at Sant’Anna Institute in the Summer of 2014. My experience in Sorrento was really special and unforgettable. Please let me tell you more about it! When I first arrived in Sorrento, my host Mum picked me up from the station. During my entire staying in Sorrento, my host family helped me a lot, including explaining me about Italian culture, driving me around in Napoli and cooking some of the most delicious food for me. I felt really lucky for having such a wonderful family. They told me about what an Italian family should look like.

With my lovely host mum Grazia

I usually had class from 9am to 11am at school. My teacher at Sant’Anna Institute was really patient and kind. She gave me a chance to do some extra excises because it’s harder for me to learn Italian compared with most of Americans, since my native language is chinese. I always asked her some questions about something I didn’t understand in the class, and her answers were always excellent and easy to understand. During the class, she always gave students smiles and encouraged us to speak more. I really like her way of teaching.

With my Italian Teacher, Lucia, and some of my classmates

All the other people I met at Sant’Anna were also super helpful. Before I came to Italy, I met Serena through the phone. She helped me to register to my class and to pay my tuition. She was really patient in helping me all the time. My staying in Sorrento was never boring because Sant’Anna offers local activities for students to attend everyday, including Gelato class, Mozzarella class, cooking class etc. I found out that these activities are super helpful because it’s an interesting way to experience Italy and meet locals. I made lots of friends from Sant’Anna. Most of them are from America. However, I also made friends from Russian and British students. This is a really fun way to know people from the world and experience not only Italian culture, but also different cultures in the world. I really enjoyed my experience in Sorrento.

I    certainly want to plan another trip to come back there!  Hiking Mt Vesuvius!Visiting the Archeological site of Pompeii


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