Casa del Caffè, Giuseppe Maresca


Outside the coffee factory in Piano di Sorrento
Outside the coffee factory in Piano di Sorrento

Casa del Caffe
Giuseppe Maresca

Casa del Caffe is a family-run business currently being managed by Giuseppe Maresca. Giuseppe took over after his father, and has gradually expanded the businesses more and more ever since. Although it may seem like a small business at first, there is a very rich history behind how they roast their coffee beans, where they obtain their beans from, how to determine the quality of the beans, and who to sell the coffee to. Giuseppe pours his heart and soul into his business, and this is evident in the way he speaks about his coffee. Ever since World War II, Casa del Caffe has grown to a matured business that packages hundreds upon hundreds of coffee grounds a day in order to satisfy consumer demand and the ever-growing market.

Human Resource Management
by Haley Cheetham

Touring this manufacturing plant was fascinating from a management perspective. Upon first entering the building, one would question how much coffee is actually produced from this tiny space. After hearing about how well-known and widespread Maresca’s coffee actually is, one would question how one man could basically run it all. Though there is no specific department, Giuseppe has worked his way through the family business to essentially become the person in charge of Human Resource Management.

Maresca’s is a family operated business, and it has been for generations. Some employees are not family members because as the business was growing, there were not enough Marescas to be able to complete all of the work. As for training and developing the new employees, the family members have grown up observing what tasks need to be accomplished. However, they still need to be properly trained along with the non-relatives in order to keep the coffee production consistent.
In America, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) exists to protect the consumer from food and drinks. OSHA regulates how companies must prepare and package their product so that the consumer is receiving the best quality of that product and does not become ill from it. There is a similar organization in Italy that regulates the coffee production in order to keep the employees and the consumers healthy and safe.
Giuseppe is passionate about his work producing the coffee for Maresca’s Cafe. He is able to run the machines, predict sales and marketing, run the finances, and run the business as a whole. There are, however, other employees hired that help him in this work. As a team, they make up the HRM department, ensuring that business runs efficiently, and that the employees are producing their best possible work.

A cup of the coffee bean mixture
A cup of the coffee bean mixture

Truck and Diesel
by Chris Colasurdo

In relation to the truck and diesel industry, the success of shipping the products around the world rely heavily on this field. This is due to the fact that the majority of transportation is done through trucks, which are all powered by diesel fuel. If the trucks are not properly maintained, then they will eventually break down. Following this, it will lead to the decrease in revenue for the Casa del Caffe company as a whole. The fact that this company is now expanding its products to China and Dubai makes the truck and diesel industry even more crucial. For both of these countries, diesel is the main way that many of the vehicles in these countries are powered. In addition to the amount of diesel powered engines that run the European roads, the number of products taken through the air has a great influence on the success of the company. If one flight gets delayed that has a shipment of this product, then it will delay the time that it takes to get an income from those products.
Technology drives many business, whether it’s with success or with failure. Throughout the start of the company, the coffee roaster has been a major technology advantage for the Casa del Caffe company. With this machine, it helps give the coffee is great taste due to the wood used for the fires that roast each and every coffee bean. Ensuring that these machines are kept up to par and do not have any technical problems is key for the coffee. In the new machines, there is a computer system that monitors the temperature of the beans and it makes sure that the beans are roasted completely as well as not over roasted. Maintenance of these roasting machines is also a large part of the success of the company. Every month, a technician comes in to make sure that the machines are working properly and that there are no new system updates that can be done to the machines. If there are technical updates, then the technician will make sure all the updates are carried out correctly. Within a business that has any sort of technology at all, it is crucial that the technology is properly maintained and updated at a constant rate or the effects can be catastrophic on the entire business.

by Rebecca Schaible

Apart from Giuseppe’s obvious passion for his family run coffee company, what really stood out was the large percent of investing and finances that goes into running your own business. Giuseppe spoke to us about the importance of quality in the beans. The beans are an actual investment that he makes. He buys in US Dollars, along with Euros, depending on the market and which is more financially efficient. The price of the coffee beans various depending on the season. Giuseppe is very active in the commodity market. He works directly with a broke and intermediaries to decide which seasons he should purchase the beans ahead of time. This is an actual investment because the weather being so unpredictable, if an ice storm occurs and destroys the plant, he loses his investment. He explained that when a buyer decides to invest in coffee that is still on the plant, brokers help evaluate risk. This was a reminder of what Financial Planners are responsible for on a daily basis, and their importance in a client’s financial well being He takes on that risk because the plant was purchased beforehand. This goes along with the saying “greater risk equals greater potential for reward.”
Giuseppe explained the changes that occurred when he took over his Grandfather’s company. Now he relies on the market thanks to changing technology, the internet, partnerships, potential to open to new markets, etc. He now has a greater potential to make a return. Giuseppe motivated us as a group. He does it all with so little help. It truly is his passion, and his dedication to his coffee business shines through. “Coffee is in my blood” he explained to us, and it is obvious to see how true that statement is.

Hospitality Management and Quality Control
by Tsu Zhu

The is a lot of history behind the production of Maresca’s coffee. Multiple steps in the quality management and production of the coffee making process is embedded with passion and dedication. One of the biggest contributors to the quality of their coffee products is their procurement process of acquiring the coffee beans. Their coffee blend is a mixture of arabica and robusta coffee beans, which are rated the “2nd gold” coffee beans in the world. Their arabica coffee beans contributes to the sweetness element in the coffee, whereas the robusta beans contribute to the strong robust flavor in the coffee. The arabica beans come from Central America, and the robust beans come from Northern Africa and India. As Giuseppe spoke about the process of roasting and grinding the coffee beans, his passion was very clear in his voice. In fact, when roasting the coffee beans, Giuseppe prefers to work alone and to listen to music by himself so he can focus and immerse himself in his craft; the roasting is the most important aspect of the coffee-making process.

One of the key characteristics behind their coffee is that they roast the beans with wood, not gas. The wood is local, and it is a variety of lemon, orange, and cherry wood. These different types of wood helps to mellow the strong flavor of coffee so that there is a good balance. In terms of quality control, Giuseppe tests the coffee he produces by using computers to test the temperature of the roasting process; this is essential because the temperature of the burning wood has to be kept the same in order to ensure a consistent quality of coffee. Not only that, the company’s procurement of the coffee beans dates back to the deep history behind the family’s business.
Although Giuseppe’s marketing and sales seems to be focuses mainly in its website (, the family business has been thoroughly known for its quality of coffee, so much so that they now produce and sell coffee to more expansive markets like China, Dubai, and the United States. The services they provide include not only the actual product of coffee, but loyalty to customer satisfaction; they treat everyone that steps into the business with respect. They have even developed a relationship with a friend in Amalfi in order to hand off their burlap sacks so that purses and bags can be produced. This is an excellent form of a sustainable business venture.

Alfred State study abroad students and Michael Garguilo at Casa del Caffè!
Alfred State study abroad students and Michael Garguilo at Casa del Caffè!

Key Learnings

Giuseppe’s emphatic nature about his coffee carries through into the pristine quality of his products. It has come to the point where Giuseppe can even determine the quality of coffee by simply looking at the beans. The careful process of roasting and grinding the coffee beans, combined with the deeply rooted history of the company’s procurement of the beans results in a unique and successful business. He takes on a great risk, making investments in the coffee beans in order to get his exceptional product out to his consumers. Although Giuseppe is an engineer, at the end of the day he will always have a passion for coffee


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