Meet the Students!

Choosing to study abroad is a life changing decision that is hardly taken lightly and effects each student differently.  Within their first week abroad, the Sant’Anna spring semester students reflected on their initial reactions to their new surroundings and lives abroad.  Having a new group of friends, homes, language, town, and school all in one semester is a lot to take in!  The individual stories behind their immediate culture shock, struggles, and memories are inspirational.

Sarah Clark, Berea College talks about her home stay experience.
Sarah Clark, Berea College talks about her home stay experience.

Even students, like Nitsa Ioannides of Plymouth State University, that are used to living in a dorm or student apartment had their concerns over the chemistry of the new group of classmates they would meet.  But, as Ioannides and others were happy to report, the group of students in Sorrento this semester get along famously. Home stay students, like Courtney Fields (depicted) of University of Minnesota, express their joy in having a new home away from home with an authentic Italian host family while internship students, like Derek Wolfer of Alfred State College, share their expectations for working internationally.

Discussing everything from the delicious Italian cuisine to celebrating milestones abroad, each student speaks of their own personal experiences and how excited they are to enjoy their time here!


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See the video:

Meet the Spring 2014 Sant’Anna Institute Study Abroad Students!


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