What is Sorrento Italy like to a study abroad student?

“Paradise. Utopia.  These are words that I do not often use nor do I traditionally use to explain a place I have chosen to study.  But these are words that I have wisely chosen to explain Sorrento and especially the study abroad experience at Sant’Anna Institute.

The city of Sorrento comes alive in the summer.  It is vibrant with the hustle of people, both the locals and tourists.  The smell of the oranges that grow on trees lining the streets mixes with the fresh salty air blowing off the Mediterranean.  It is truly a magical place.

7. have fun in the amalfi coast
Students having fun on one of the many beaches on the Amalfi Coast

The ability to study abroad in such a place is, in itself, a gift.  When added in the experience that Sant’Anna contributes, it would seem daft to go anywhere else.  The staff at Sant’Anna make the time spent in the classroom well worth it, and then the excursions truly bring the experience together.

On top of this are the locals. They are so open and excited to share their city and culture that it is difficult not to become fast friends and soon enough you will be introduced to things you didn’t know existed, such as a favorite swimming spot or the best place for a late night snack.

Spending a summer in Sorrrento was the best collegiate decision that I ever made.  As soon as I got back to the US, I noticed that the sun was not as bright and the air not as sweet. I can not wait for the next time I am in Sorrento.”

One of the local Sant'Anna Swimming Spots
One of the local Sant’Anna Swimming Spots

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