Discovering Italy Our day trip to Capri by Melissa Colón

Spring 2014 Study Abroad Students in Capri!

Standing on the final plateau overlooking the ocean surrounding the beautiful island of Capri was a breath taking experience of a lifetime. Simply watching the waves crashing against the rocky shoreline was enough to know that, though each different, every trial and tribulation we faced in order to get there was completely worth it.
Described unanimously as a bucket list destination, Sant’anna Institute’s Spring 2014 study abroad students met early Saturday, January 18th and took the short walk to Sorrento’s pier. After a short ferry ride, we soon found ourselves on the shores of Capri. Lined with small shops and cafes, we mingled with locals and prepared for the hike ahead.

Panorama view from the top of Capri!
Panorama view from the top of Capri!

After a steep walk through the hills of town, and A LOT of steps, we reached the first panoramic view of the island. The blue of the sky meeting the ocean and the colorful houses spread over the hilly landscape made the world seem endless.
The wondrous sights of the town were topped only by the panorama from the summit of Mount Solaro. The pictures we took, though amazing and gorgeous, will never compare to the invigorating experience of standing above what appears to be the edge of the world.

The view from the top of Mount Selaro!
The view from the top of Mount Selaro!


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