Study Abroad Programs at Sant’Anna Institute can become the best experience of one’s life, Grazie Andrew!!

Ciao! My name is Andrew Lee, and I am a student at Sant’Anna Institute Sorrento Lingue for the Fall 2014 study abroad program. Let me start off by saying that I love Sorrento! It is so beautiful here, and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better place to spend four months of my life. In fact, I wish I could apply for the Spring 2015 program and stay here for another semester. The food is delicious and the people of Sorrento are so friendly, especially once they know that you are a study abroad student at Sant’Anna.

imageimageThe school itself is in an amazing location overlooking the sea, and on the other side of the Bay of Naples you can see Mt . Vesuvius in all its volcanic glory. Fortunately, it hasn’t erupted since I’ve been here so I’m not buried underneath tons of volcanic ash like the Pompeiians were back in 79 AD. Speaking of those poor Pompeiians, a couple weeks ago my archeology class went to check out the ancient ruins of which was amazing! They were such an advanced culture for their time. Did you know they were the inventors of fast food? Watch out McDonalds! The field trip to Pompeii and other trips we will be taking for class are just an example of why Sant’Anna is such a rewarding place to study abroad. It is such a unique opportunity to be able to visit and actually experience exactly what you are learning about in school. What better way to understand the ancient city of Pompeii than to see it with your own eyes? It’s unbeatable! Another thing I really like about Sant’Anna and the study abroad program here is that the classes are very interesting and the professors are all very passionate about their subjects but none of the classes are too demanding. The professors understand that as study abroad students, it is important for us to have the imageopportunity to travel around Italy and even around Europe. So they don’t bombard us with hours of busy work like a lot of my professors do back home. Last week Sant’Anna gave us a week off for Fall Break and many of us were able to travel around a little bit. Three of my wonderful friends (all of whom I met here in Sorrento) and I were able to go to Oktoberfest in Munich (which I highly recommend if you’re a fan of having fun) and also travel around Italy. We visited cities such as Florence, Siena, Bologna, and Verona and we all had a blast eating delicious pizza and pasta and taking in the beauty of Italy. By the end of the week we were all super duper exhausted, and we were so relieved to return to our home sweet home in Sorrento. All in all, studying abroad here with Sant’Anna has been the best experience of my life, and I never want to leave.

image I want this to last forever!! Yippee!!



Intern In Italy



Hello my name is Courtney Moe I am currently a student at Sant’Anna Institute studying Italian and doing an internship in Italy. If you think about it almost all of us can say that we have at one time or another worked in the field that I devote my time to studying, hospitality, it is practically impossible to avoid it. Before coming to Sorrento to begin my internship in Italy I thought I understood what working in the hospitality industry entailed, but now I can comfortably say that I had no idea.
I don’t think it is a coincidence that there always seems to be one common thing that people say when they leave America and immerse themselves into another culture, “Everything is so rushed in America, no one looks up to see what is happening around them.” I myself am just as guilty of this as anyone else. I have always looked at working in the hospitality field as a chore: dealing with rude customers, having to do everything they ask of you no matter how obnoxious it might be, smiling even when you are screaming at them on the inside, sometimes doing the same things over and over every day, working long hours, always staying after work to finish whatever you couldn’t complete because the guests needed all of your attention and the list could continue on and on. I think that if we are all being honest we could say all of these things about any job we have ever held that dealt with people.
But when I started my internship in Italy I realized a difference. I noticed that here they have not allowed all of those negative thoughts or “chore like mentalities” to get in the way of them actually exceeding the guests expectations and giving the guests the attention they desire and quite frankly need. At my internship in Italy I work at a quaint bed and breakfast called Palazzo Marziale. At Palazzo Marziale they understand what it looks like to really run a business the way it was intended to be run in the hospitality industry. Am I saying that they don’t ever mess up? No. Am I saying that every guest has the perfect experience? No. But am I saying that every guest has a voice and is treated: genuinely, fairly, and with the upmost respect? Yes.

At my internship in Italy I have put into practice all of things that I learn about in my classes and I have learned many usefully skills that I will most definitely be bringing back with me when I go home in December. Now I confidently feel that I can work in the hospitality industry unbiasedly, in a whole other way that I would not have even know about had I not come to do an internship in Italy.
And so I send a huge thank you to all of the staff at Sant’Anna for all that you have done for me, it would not have been possible without you.

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“It is important to take classes that will teach you more than a traditional U.S. academic course would.”

Creative Writing: Travel and Experience is not only the best class I’ve taken here at Sant’ Anna but throughout my college experience. This academic course has been the most eye-opening and rewarding course I have taken since starting college in the fall of 2012. As someone who believes that writing is the best outlet for my emotions, this course has helped give me something on which to focus the day to day challenges that sometimes seem so much larger when far from home and living in another country. The course encourages freedom of expression through writing a short novel. With few guidelines I am able to write about something that interests me. It’s something that I am glad to sit down and work on and am glad to get constructive criticism on from my professor, Marco.

Blog post author, Shannon, during a night on the town with fellow classmates in Sorrento.

Blog post author, Shannon, during a night on the town with fellow classmates in Sorrento.

Also included in this academic course is a short history of famous authors such as Walt Whitman. Being able to learn about and read the works of authors such as Whitman helps improve my own writing and gives me a new prospective on styles of writing.

While this isn’t the only class that Sant’ Anna offers that is interactive with students, I feel that it is the most rewarding academic course because of the attentiveness of the professor as well as the gratification that comes with reading and editing my own writing. Though personal opinion is important when selecting academic courses it is also important to take classes that will teach you more than a traditional U.S. academic course would. For me, creative writing is that course, maybe for you it is something else, either way Sant’ Anna has college classes that will give you an experience that will change the way you look at the education system in the U.S. and change your way of thinking when you head home to school at the end of the semester.

- Shannon Devaney, Fitchburg State University Class of 2016 & Fall semester 2014 student at Sant’Anna Institute

You Know You’re a Student in Sorrento When…

1. Your Keurig has been replaced by your new, little Italian friend.


2. You give up peanut butter because it’s too expensive.


3. Taking a dip among Roman ruins is just another Wednesday afternoon.


4. If you don’t stop for gelato on your way home from class, you’re doing something wrong.


5. Dinner isn’t complete without limoncello, which you bought in the cliché shape of a boot.


6. Breaks in between classes are devoted to trying out every single Italian snack in the vending machine.


7. The white line on the highway is more of a general guideline.


8. There is no day without smiles!


9. You can learn about Mt. Vesuvius volcano in class and look out the window and see it at the same time!


10. You do NOT study in a library.



“Stop Wishing and Start Doing!”

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I learned so much in both my classes, and it only made me want to continue studying Italian language and culture for the next time I return!


My name is Jennifer Noyola and I spent this past summer at Sant’Anna Institute taking classes and learning what it means to live like an Italian! Sorrento is a small town overlooking the ocean, and since I live in Florida you can trust me when I say you won’t ever find more beautiful beaches! To get to Sant’Anna I would have to walk past an amazing view of the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius. If we weren’t in class, you could bet I and the other students were at I Bagni della Regina Giovanna (which we appropriately called “Paradise Pool”) enjoying the sun and crystal clear water.

view from the port

More important than the sights, however, was the welcoming atmosphere of Sorrento. Serena’s willingness to help with every little detail of my stay made my summer in Sorrento not only possible, but also unforgettable. The natives were always friendly and even strangers would readily help us out with whatever amount of English they knew (which was usually a lot!). But of course, they really appreciated it when I would test out my Italian too. I came to Italy to immerse myself in the culture I had been studying for so long back home; to learn a language and its culture well, there really is nothing like living in the country.

At Sant’Anna I took classes on Modern Italian Literature and Archaeology. Modern Literature was one of the best classes I have ever taken, and we studied the great names in Italian literature such as Foscolo, Leopardi, and Manzoni. Domenico was such a great teacher who really gets you interested in what you read! It was taught entirely in Italian, so I even got some great practice speaking, reading, and writing in the language. My archaeology class was taught in English and covered the history behind the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD. It was truly fascinating learning about Pompeii and the other areas destroyed by the eruption, then taking field trips to see the ruins of what we had studied; our teacher Ilaria knew everything about the places we visited and was a better guide than any tour guide you could ask for. I learned so much in both my classes, and it only made me want to continue studying Italian language and culture for the next time I return!

jennifer & domenico

me with my Italian literature professor and another student

This summer I saw beautiful sights, made life-long friends, and of course ate (and learned to make!) amazing food. It was truly an unforgettable experience, and it was all thanks to the incredible people I met during my stay. Grazie mille a tutti! Mi mancate, e canterò “Torna a Surriento” fino a quando posso davvero tornare!

“Sant’Anna gave me the opportunity to see where he was raised, meet my family on his side, and immerse myself into a completely emotional, yet fulfilling experience walking through the streets of Rutigliano.”

Steve's GraduationSant’Anna Institute is blessed to have so many Italian-American students seek out their past and experience where their famiy lived generations ago.  Steve, a student last Spring 2014, wrote this wonderful reflection on Italian-American experience.  He traveled from Sorrento to the Eastern Coast to visit Rutigliano, Bari.  We love to hear from our past students, Enjoy!

While at SUNY Alfred State College during the Fall 2013 semester, my Strategic Marketing professor, Dr. Lisa McCool, thought up a new idea. The idea consisted of, creating and using a Marketing Plan as a source for a final project in place of traditional final exams. This would allow students to make a difference in a new and emerging opportunity for a study abroad program offered by Alfred State. After being approved for the program, that’s when my perspective on everything changed.

I began to inquire on the program, learning about its features, benefits, and offerings. As I learned more about the program, I decided that this opportunity would truly benefit me, but being that I was scheduled to graduate in December of 2013, the opportunity seemed unfeasible for me. Diane Tuzzolino, a business professor at Alfred, recommended that I take on the Global Studies minor in Sorrento, but I did not feel it was smart to delay my graduation, and incur more debt in loans just for a minor, thus I declined the offer. However, about two weeks later, with the help of Ms. Tuzzolino, Sant’Anna created a new internship, and scholarship opportunity, for marketing and communications for their organization. By delaying my graduation one semester, I would be able to add a minor to my degree and have the chance to put an international internship on my resume. When I heard and considered this opportunity, I considered it an offer I could not refuse.

Eight months ago, I had the privilege of arriving in Sorrento, taking in the beautiful scenery, great food, amazing people, and much more. By taking part in the internship opportunity, I was able to partake in something I never thought I would be able to experience. I had the opportunity to present the program to prospective students, University leaders, and members of the community, serve as a leader and ambassador for Sant’Anna among faculty, staff, and students, and represent the institute at the largest study abroad conference in the world, the annual NAFSA Conference which was held in San Diego, CA in May. Not only that, but on a more personal level, I have had the chance to meet family that I have never met before.

Steve visiting his Italian family!My grandfather was born on the Eastern coast of Italy, with roots in a small town called Rutigliano, located outside of the major port city, Bari. Although, he is not my biological grandfather, he raised me and served as a father figure throughout all my life. Sant’Anna gave me the opportunity to see where he was raised, meet my family on his side, and immerse myself into a completely emotional, yet fulfilling experience walking through the streets of Rutigliano.

Upon leaving Sant’Anna, I was more than satisfied with the experiences I took part in, the impacts I made, and the opportunities that were made available to me as a result of my work for the organization. I took with me a collection of life long memories, images, thoughts, and much more that I will never be able to forget. I have made life-long friends who grew to become brothers whom I hope to visit at some point in the upcoming year. Again, I never would have thought that I would travel while in college, let alone to Europe, and more so, to see family in Italy that I have never met. Sant’Anna has certainly gave me the opportunity to truly take part in “the experience of a lifetime.”

  • Steve Pinell, SUNY Alfred State College, Spring 2014 Sant’Anna Intern